Week #7- Choice Blog- Music

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Music. Something everyone has heard at least 10 times in there lives. The first know record of music was cave paintings. It showed people holding drum like objects and other instruments. But for all we know there could have been music before that!

There are many different types of music. Like: Rock, classic, pop, hip-hop, rap, and many more. Music can make you feel any emotion.

Well that’s all the time for this time! Bye guys! And like i always say, Keep Blogging!

Week #11- The Big Wave

Shorebreak at Sandy Beach Park Oahu HawaiiCreative Commons License Anthony Quintano via Compfight

Before I start this poem im just going to say, I’M NOT DEPRESSED. I may seem like it from my recent posts but im not trust me. Well that’s all I need to say, so let’s get started.

Do you know that feeling

Ya that feeling

where you feel like you being suffocated by all the anger, problems, and regret

Or when the word hits you like a wave needing revenge

On the people who throw trash in its beautiful hair

Thinking your the worst of them all

Have you ever felt that you were too fat, ugly, or not good enough for the world


I know it hurts but listen to the people who say

“You matter”

“You’re worth it”

Don’t listen to the people who say

“Kill yourself”

“Your fat”

“Your nothing”

You are beautiful the way you are

Don’t change yourself

Week #8- Digital Footprint

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Hey guys! Today im going to be talking about digital footprints.

A digital footprint is the information about a particular person that exists on the internet as a result of their online activity. Ya I know some crazy witchery happening, right here. And for all you little children out there who still don’t understand let me tell you in a way you will understand.

A digital footprint show all the things you’ve done, like if you wanted to watch some Girl Meets World, the internet people could see that you were looking at that.

So I hope you guys now know the full definition of a digital footprint. And like I always say Keep Blogging!

Week- #5 Onomatopoeia- Knock Knock

Nobody cares any more !Creative Commons License Craig Sunter via Compfight

Knock knock

who´s there

the child of your past.

The child of my past who?


We always forget our happiness of the past.

knock knock

The little boy or girl says to there future thinking that they are ready

knock knock

to the small kid who thought they were ok

knock knock

to the little children who thought they weren’t bullies

knock knock

to the little kids who thought they would never get bullied and

knock knock

to the children who knew what was coming to there future


Racism Week 4

“Racism makes me question myself and why things have to be this way…I wonder  one day what it would be like to be white and how much better my life would probably be. That was a low point.” -Andrew 19 years

I’ve had many different color friends in  my life who were bullied, it hurt them and hurt my because I would question why people would do this to them. They did nothing. Racism can cause a lot of  of damage to both the individuals and the community.

There was a study in Australia. And over 800 Australian secondary school students found that racism had a huge mental health impacts including:

  • Ongoing feelings of sadness, anger, depression and being left out
  • Headaches, increase heart rate, sweating, trembling and muscle tension
  • A constant fear of being verbally or physically attacked
  • Not wanting to go to school
  • Having little or no trust in anyone apart from family

These impacts can reduce the ability to work or study, and achieve future goals. This also affects people’s general well being when they are denied equal access to jobs, services and education.

Racism also creates a society where people don’t trust and respect each other.

Thank you guys for having the time to read this blog. this is a really senstive part for me to explain and if you want to read on what racism really is go to https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/racism. Thank you again and like I always say Keep Blogging!!


Week 10: Goodbye until March

Guys this will be my last blog until March. I know that’s far away, but we can make it!

I’ve been on this blog since week one and I’ve already gotten way better since then! Can you believe that after 6 posts (including this one), that I got way better at just writing anything! I really hope you can wait and see what I have next!

Bye guys!